Indore-based Entrepreneur Mitisha Soni, who spoke about her entrepreneurial journey.

Our future depends on the success of female entrepreneurs. By reducing the wage gap between men and women in the employment, we can bring about change as a group.

Entrepreneurs are those intrepid, risk-takers who delve deeply into society’s most urgent issues and seek to discover solutions, not by handing over the reigns to the government or industry, but rather by attempting to transform systems as a whole and convincing societies to take new initiatives.

Being a developing economy, India attracts many young entrepreneurs. Businesses from all over the world view India, which has a population of more than 130 crore, as a possible location for developing a start-up. For many years, men predominated in business, leaving little to no place for women. But the current tendency has shifted. More and more women are entering the workforce, and many of them have been successful in building internationally recognised enterprises. Women have defied prejudices and social pressure to develop solutions that are much more dependable and creative, opening up employment chances for a vast number of people.

Madhya Pradesh has seen a surge in women-owned businesses in recent years in industries such household goods, fashion, agriculture, information technology, manufacturing, and oil. The advancement has disproved the gender stereotype that portrays women as less capable and weaker. The future of Madhya Pradesh is being shaped by these courageous and ambitious entrepreneurs, who are also mentors to millions of young people and women.

Today in our Entrepreneur series, we’re going to introduce you to a highly lively and well-known Madhya Pradeshi entrepreneur who is well-known for her exceptional and amazing achievements in the fields of art and animation and who consistently supports women’s empowerment. Yes, Mitisha Soni is the subject of this discussion. She told Hello Mumbai News about her entrepreneurial career.

I’m Mitisha Soni. I am a creative. I completed my specialisation in visual effects for animation. At the age of 14, I began teaching dance to make money. My older brother taught me how to dance, and I’ve always been interested in the arts.

I placed second in the state level Rotary Club painting competition and took home the first Apsara Gold Medal. In an interschool painting competition, I took home the top award. In a dancing competition, I took second place and earned Etv ta ta thaiyya. I won numerous awards for dance, modelling, drawing, and sports.

I took first place in a painting contest. while in college. I came in second in the state-level animation competition and received a check for $25,000 at the IMA Conclave event.

I have received ADRIAN JACOBS & SHAAN MUTTATHIL’s Make Up Certification.

My interests include baking, painting, dancing, reading, modelling, playing sports both indoors and out, taking pictures, creating soap, candles, lip balm, face cream, hair oil, ubtans, wearing makeup, decorating my home for special occasions, and taking trips.

I began modelling as a hobby in 2010 to better myself.

I have experience working on explainer videos, editing, and VFX for international companies’ products and presentations in a variety of languages, including Chinese, Vietnamese, Urdu, Japanese, and many more, for firms in the USA, China, Japan, the UK, Dubai, and many other countries.

My first position in the animation industry paid only $6,000. However, it was through my learning process that I was able to reach my ambitions. I have experience working in several large corporations and foreign languages all around the world, but I currently manage my own firm and work on both domestic and international projects.

Learning never stops. I enjoy learning new things in my area since it helps me do my job better. I create items for businesses so they appear to be a brand in the marketplace. I’ve been preparing to launch my YouTube channel recently.

Helping others in need makes us humble and brings us inner peace, in my opinion. I come from a loving household. I practise Radha Swami with my family. It teaches you how to conduct your life appropriately. So constantly maintain your composure and have a huge heart.

My parents have always encouraged me in choosing a job. Everything I am now is solely due to God, my family, and my professors. My mother is always at my side like my shadow, and my father has always shown me the proper route. My older and younger brothers constantly have an influence on my choices.

I am really appreciative to God for providing me with such a lovely family. I am the only girl in my culture who has accomplished so much on her own and who aspires to do good deeds for the benefit of others. Nothing is insurmountable, and you can succeed in life if you work hard enough.

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