Mumbai, India, 12 SEPTEMBER 2022:

JBCN Education, a pioneer in the Indian education sector for over three decades, recently opened its new state-of-the-art pre-primary school building to provide its learners with an unparalleled learning experience. The unique two-storeyed exploratory facility, located in Parel, is surrounded by lush greenery and spread over 17,000 square feet, offering all modern facilities. This extended campus caters to the needs of the learners of Nursery, Junior, and Senior K.G.

The spacious building has various classrooms and learning spaces that integrate seamlessly, making it a great learning environment. The space is designed to be age-appropriate for purposeful play providing multiple experiences and learning opportunities for the children. The bright and vibrant classrooms, with mood-lifting colours are set up keeping in mind the learner’s comfort. The learners have an option of sitting on chairs or special doughnuts seats on the floor. The special reading nooks within the classrooms offer them a chance to indulge in their favourite book and to collaborate and work together with their peers. The doors across school have been made to ensure the safety of the young learners, including push-down stoppers and pinch-proof protection strips.

Learning is truly imbibed when it is experienced, and the zones are created keeping multiple intelligences and learning styles in mind. Learners can create, engage, explore, discover and construct meaningful experiences via the various exploratory zones while making life connections. Each child learns uniquely, and the spaces cater to each learning style to develop a lifelong love for learning. 

The construction zone enhances the student’s thinking and reasoning skills. This well-equipped zone helps build collaboration and creativity and introduces learners to various Math and Science concepts innovatively using Lego or Cubeto.

The physical zone is an excellent place with equipment the children can use to climb, jump, swing and play in a safe, child-friendly environment. Pre- Primary learners benefit greatly from  active play.  In addition to aiding physical development such as refinement of gross and fine motor skills, improved balance and endurance, greater strength, coordination and flexibility; physical activity has many mental health benefits as well. 

While the self-expression zone is a learning space with a beautiful dramatics and art zone.  The theatre room is primed with costumes and props, amongst other facilities, to enhance their creativity. Speech and Drama an important facet of self-expression, verbally and kinaesthetically gets a beautiful outlet in the Expressive zone. The well-equipped Creative Art section helps learners express themselves through various art activities like drawing, painting, sticking, cutting etc while building on their fine motor skills.

The discovery zone focuses on science and day-to-day concepts that the learners go through, and an opportunity to explore and experience. It allows learners to flex their thinking muscles, assume the identity of ‘scientists’ make predictions and draw conclusions. 

The multi-sensory zone’s intriguing toys, activities, and equipment encourage learners to explore their environment without feeling overwhelmed. This zone provides multiple opportunities for the young sensorial learners to touch and feel different textures and to heighten their auditory, olfactory senses. The experiences rich in sensorial stimulation ensure that all pathways to the brain are active and ready to make meaningful connections, allowing for multiple experiences and learning opportunities for the children.

Mr Kunal Dalal explained, “As an educational institution, we focus on providing our students with the best infrastructure and curriculum. We adopt a programme that helps each child develop holistically and have curated our JBCN Pre-Primary facility at Parel with care and a lot of love to ensure that we offer an environment that creates a life-long desire for learning”.

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