Lucknow schools to remain closed from January 4 To January 7 In view Of Cold Wave

Schools in Lucknow will remain closed from January 4 to 7 in view of the cold wave conditions, an official order said on Monday.

In view of the cold wave , a holiday has been announced in all government and private schools of urban and rural areas of all boards up to Class 12, an order issued by Lucknow District Magistrate Suryapal Gangwar said.

The order will also be applicable on Kasturba Gandhi residential girls schools as well, as on all students, teachers, non-teaching staff (except emergency services).

Other than Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh schools are closed in various districts like Gorakhpur, Sitapur, Varanasi, and others.

As per the IMD weather updates, Dense fog and severe cold will continue in UP for the next 5 days.

Schools in Punjab are also announced to remain shut till January 8 as the Punjab school winter vacation is extended.

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