National Pumpkin Day: Indian Pumpkin Dishes We Can’t Unlove

Which is the one gourd that has least number of haters? I know what you are thinking, it is Pumpkin. Those who know how versatile Pumpkin is should embrace the National Pumpkin Day celebrated on 26th October every year.

Even though there isn’t a clear explanation for why this day is observed, it is entirely appropriate to do so, right?

In addition to being grown on practically every continent, pumpkins also make an excellent storage crop for the winter. Pumpkins are a crucial component of the Thanksgiving and Halloween holidays and are also loaded with fibre and a variety of nutrients. Let’s discuss several Indian cuisines that use the versatile vegetable pumpkin today. Since ancient times, these delicacies have ruled our hearts. Let’s look at it.

Meetha Khatta Kaddu

You simply cannot stop eating this easy pumpkin meal. Pumpkin is cooked in a sweet-and-sour sauce with tamarind, chiles, sugar, and several spices. This meal tastes fantastic and pairs well with puris.

The Pumpkin Curry

A main course dish that pairs well with roti, puri, and rice is pumpkin curry. This meal from India includes chopped tomatoes, onions, and a variety of Indian spices. I promise that after eating this dish, anyone who dislike this vegetable will begin to love it.

Pumpkin Raita

Everyone enjoys raita, right? One of the most popular condiments, raita may enhance the flavour of any food. In and of itself, pumpkin raita is a nutritious supper. Not only do the main course dishes pair well with raita, but you can also consume it with paranthas.

Pumpkin Sambar

We are all aware of how unique and special sambar is. However, the sambar tastes really fantastic when there are pumpkin bits in it. You shouldn’t skip having pumpkin sambar because it is a tasty sambar variant.

Coconut Pumpkin Curry with Chickpeas

The best catch of the winter is this one-pot pumpkin curry. This dish goes best with piping hot rice and is unquestionably a steal. It is made up of vegetables, coconut shreds, chickpeas, pumpkin, and many different spices.

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