NCERT to bring balanced perspective of all genders in new curriculum, textbooks

NCERT will work towards bringing a balanced perspective of all genders in the new National Curriculum Framework (NCF) and in its textbooks, according to a parliamentary committee.

The panel had previously advised the National Council of Educational Research and Training to conduct a thorough analysis from the perspective of gender bias and stereotypes in order to address the underrepresentation of women and girls in school textbooks or the fact that they are only portrayed in traditional roles (NCERT).

Additionally, it recommended making an attempt to include both genders in content description and visual depiction. The government’s response to the recommendations and observations made in the Reforms in Content and Design of School Textbooks Committee report was presented to Parliament on Monday.

“The committee has been informed that the NCERT has taken note of all the issues raised by the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Education, Women, Children, Youth and Sports and will contribute adequately to bringing in a balanced perspective of all the gender in the NCF, syllabus and all the textbooks which will be developed as a follow-up of NCFs. The process of development of NCFs has already been initiated by the NCERT,” it said.

The group had earlier suggested that textbooks feature women in new and developing professions more prominently as role models, with an emphasis on their accomplishments and paths to achieving the same. All people, especially females, will benefit from this by developing a sense of self-worth and confidence, it had been stated. The panel had stated that other concerns, such as environment sensitivity, human values, issues of children with special needs, etc., might be looked up while assessing the textbooks to see if they were adequately addressed in the School textbooks.

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