On Gay Rights Onir Dhar’s speech at the Bhopal literature talk festival scrapped

BHOPAL: A planned speech by director Onir Dhar, one of the most well-known advocates for LGBT rights in India and overseas, was postponed at the last minute, purportedly because a group threatened to oppose his attendance. Onir was scheduled to give a speech at Bharat Bhavan on Friday, the festival’s first day, about “Making Literature LGBTQ Neutral.”

According to the authorities, there was a group threatening protest and violence. Thus, they postponed the event. Let me think about this.” I tweeted, Onir.

Onir claimed he was just made aware of the cancellation a few hours prior.
“The organisers didn’t even have the money to pay for his airfare to Bhopal.
I received a text on Thursday morning that my ticket had been cancelled by my travel agent. When I called the organisers to find out what was happening, they said they were “planned” to text me.
It was very unprofessional, obviously they were forced to drop me but i am not one to keep quiet . I will raise my voice against injustice,” he said.

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