PhysicsWallah Ventures into Physical Schooling with PW Gurukulam in Gurugram From Playschool to Grade 7

In a transformative move, PhysicsWallah (PW), Alakh Pandey, has ventured beyond its online education stronghold into the realm of physical schools with Gurukulam. The inauguration of PW Gurukulam School in Gurugram stands as a testament to the evolution of edtech firms, as they embrace diverse educational modalities. This strategic expansion comes on the heels of PW’s recent investment in a brick-and-mortar skilling institute, marking a nuanced shift in the edtech landscape.

Comprehensive Educational Framework from Play School to Grade 7

PW Gurukulam School is positioned as a cornerstone in PW’s commitment to providing a comprehensive educational journey. Affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the school’s curriculum spans from play school to grade 7. Alakh Pandey, Founder and CEO of PhysicsWallah, underscores the significance of “all-inclusive education, innovation, and culture” as the foundational pillars of this new venture. With a focus on enrolling 400 students in its inaugural batch, PW Gurukulam School seeks to go beyond conventional career paths, offering a wide spectrum of possibilities to its students.

Innovative Pedagogy: Experiential Learning and Holistic Development of PhysicsWallah

At the heart of PW Gurukulam’s educational approach lies a commitment to experiential learning. The school aims to cultivate well-rounded individuals by integrating essential life skills such as financial literacy and entrepreneurship into its curriculum. Initiatives like Model United Nations are also part of the school’s strategy to provide a holistic development experience for its students. Notably, PW Gurukulam adopts a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying, prioritizing a safe and inclusive learning environment.

Offline Portfolio Strengthens Amid EdTech Boom

Founded in 2020, PW has rapidly expanded its online presence, encompassing 28 test prep categories and a skilling vertical. With over 72 tech-enabled Vidyapeeth (offline) and 28 Pathshala (hybrid) centers across India, the edtech unicorn has emerged as a formidable player in the digital education landscape. The launch of PW Gurukulam School adds a new dimension to its offline portfolio, aligning with the broader trend observed among edtech firms, including the likes of Unacademy, which have witnessed increased interest in offline channels following the pandemic-led edtech surge.

Financial Performance and Growth Trajectory of PhysicsWallah

While offline centers contributed 40% to PW’s revenue in 2023, the company experienced substantial growth in online learning. Enrollment for online paid courses witnessed an impressive 182% surge in 2023 compared to the previous year. In the fiscal year 2022-23, PW’s revenue from operations soared to Rs 771.76 crore from Rs 232.47 crore in the preceding fiscal year. The adjusted EBITDA for FY23 reached Rs 127 crore, reflecting the company’s robust core operational efficiency.

Industry Trends and Comparative Developments

The move into physical schooling mirrors broader industry trends, with edtech giants recognizing the significance of diversification and adapting to evolving educational landscapes. Unacademy, another edtech unicorn, has experienced a surge in revenue from significant growth in its offline business. This shift towards offline channels signifies a strategic approach to bridge the gap between virtual and physical learning experiences, providing students with a blended and comprehensive educational journey.

PhysicsWallah’s foray into physical schooling with PW Gurukulam School is a milestone in the evolution of edtech firms, demonstrating a commitment to providing diverse and inclusive educational experiences. The alignment with the National Education Policy 2020, the emphasis on experiential learning, and the focus on holistic development position PW Gurukulam as an institution geared towards shaping well-rounded individuals equipped for a dynamic future. The success of this venture not only underscores the adaptability of edtech giants but also sets a precedent for the convergence of online and offline education in the evolving educational landscape. As PW Gurukulam embarks on this transformative journey, it symbolizes a paradigm shift in educational offerings, highlighting the potential for a harmonious blend of traditional and digital learning methodologies to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

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