Pitru Paksha 2022: Dos and Don’t during the 15 day period

Hindus honour their ancestors during the 15-day sacred season known as Pitru Paksha. This year, Pitru Paksha will start on September 10 and end on September 25 on Sarva Pitru Amavasya. According to Hindu tradition, ancestors come to Earth during this 15-day cycle, which begins on the full moon, to bestow blessings on their descendants.

Throughout these two weeks, Hindus engage in rituals such as Tarpan, Shradh, and Pind Daan in order to pray for the comfort of their ancestors. It is believed that by feeding animals like cows, dogs, and crows, one is also feeding one’s deceased ancestors.

Hinduism holds that if the ancestors are not appeased, the family would suffer a great deal of hardship. Certain regulations must be followed and others must be avoided during the Pitru Paksha time in order to avoid these obstacles. Check them out below:


Celibacy is a requirement during the Pitru Paksha period if you are the one making tarpan offerings to your ancestors. Avoid any type of physical closeness or marriage.

Don’t forget to include the correct ingredients when you offer your ancestors tarpan: black sesame seeds, milk, flowers, and kush. It is thought that Kush facilitates the speedy satisfaction of the dead and grants them serenity.

Offer water when taking a bath – Giving water to your ancestors while taking a bath is another crucial Pitru Paksha ritual. During the tarpan, it is also crucial to give Lord Aaryaman water since, according to Hinduism, doing so will please your ancestors.

Feed animals – During the holy days of Pitru Paksha, feeding animals including dogs, cows, and crows is seen as a virtue. Your departed ancestors bless you since food travels through these animals to them.

Be compassionate – Since Pitru Paksha is a 15-day period of repentance, it is essential to maintain a state of composure, gentleness, politeness, and kindness throughout this time.


No non-vegetarian food – During the Pitru Paksha holy days, do not eat any non-vegetarian food. Avoid at all costs alcohol, tobacco, and foods like meat, onions, garlic, and brinjals.

Behave well around the elderly – During Pitru Paksha, do not argue or treat the elderly members of your family badly. It is viewed as a sin and could result in Pitru Dosh.

Avoid performing auspicious acts – During these 15 days, it is banned to participate in auspicious events like marriage, engagement, moving into a new home, buying a new car, and mundan. It is seen as unlucky.

Avoid wearing or even purchasing new clothing during Pitru Paksha. This is an important precaution to remember. It is believed to be unlucky and could cause issues for the household.

Avoid these grooming practises: From the first day of Pitru Paksha, refrain from shaving, getting your nails done, or getting a haircut. One day before the ceremony, do out these tasks.

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