Planning to hoist the National flag? Here’s everything you need to know about

The Government of India has started a new campaign called “Har Ghar Tiranga” as Indians get ready to commemorate their country’s 75th Independence Day.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged Indians to take part in the campaign by flying the national flag from August 13 to August 15 in every residence.

The government modified the Flag Code of India 2022 to facilitate citizens’ access to the National Flag. The Indian national flag is used, displayed, and hoisted in accordance with established regulations and norms known as the Flag Code of India, which also specifies how private, public, and governmental entities must fly the flag.

The National Flag can now be created using certain tools and materials thanks to the changes. Additionally, it is now legal for all people to fly the flag at home, day or night. To raise the flag at home, all citizens must nevertheless abide by a few regulations. Here is everything you need to know.

When is the national flag permitted to fly?

In accordance with recent revisions made by the Indian government, the national flag may only be flown both day and night if it is displayed in the open or in a public building. Previously, the only times the flag could be flown were between sunrise and sunset.

Here are some suggestions for how to display the national flag properly at home.

  • The Tricolor should be prominently displayed and should hold the position of honour.
  • Never fly or show a flag that is torn or untidy. The National Flag shall be in excellent shape at all times.
  • The saffron band of the Tricolour should never be at the bottom, and the Tricolour should never be exhibited reversed.
  • No one or anything should be saluted by lowering the national flag.
  • The National Flag shall never be flown higher, above, or next to any other flag or bunting.
  • On or above the flag mast, nothing—not even flowers, garlands, or symbols—should be positioned.
  • It is forbidden to use the national flag as a festoon, rosette, bunting, or in any other decorative context.
  • Under no circumstances or conditions can the National Flag touch the ground, the floor, or a trail in the water.
  • The flag shouldn’t have any text.

How should one dispose of the national flag?

The entire, tattered national flag must be disposed of in a private setting. Burning or any other method that respects its dignity can be used to accomplish this.

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