PM Narendra Modi to launch Mission LiFE in Gujarat’s Kevadia today, participate in Missions Conference

In addition to attending the 10th Heads of Missions Conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate Mission LiFE in Kevadia today while on a two-day visit to Gujarat, where Assembly elections are scheduled for the coming months.

In Vyara, Tapi, the Prime Minister will also lay the cornerstone for other development projects totaling more than Rs 1970 crores.

PM Modi held a roadshow in Rajkot City on Wednesday evening before speaking to a crowd of people. After announcing projects worth Rs 7,000 crore, he addressed the crowd at the Race Course venue where his roadshow had started from the airport. Along with Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, the PM waved to onlookers as they travelled the 1.5 kilometre path. Nearly 20,000 people allegedly gathered along the highway to welcome the Prime Minister, who arrived there after speaking at a rally in Junagadh, according to officials.

At the Junagarh rally, the Prime Minister played an emotional pride card to attack political opponents, asking people to punish those who insulted them and the state. Addressing the rally at Junagadh town in Saurashtra region, He said “Some people believe in insulting Gujaratis… they wish to divide Gujaratis. Gujaratis have built industries and trade and given jobs to people from other states, such Gujaratis are being insulted, do we want to continue to tolerate such insults or do you think we need to teach them lessons? Let us teach them a lesson for the pride of Gujarat.”

He dedicated and opened construction projects totaling Rs. 4,155 crore for the Gir Somnath, Porbandar, and Junagadh districts. PM Modi announced plans to turn the Keshod airstrip into a functioning airport and informed the audience that he has given the project to the officers of the Civil Aviation Department to design.

He claims that once the airport is functioning, local fruits may be exported and that both domestic and international visitors who want to view Asiatic lions or go to Somnath Temple will have connectivity.

Modi acknowledged the economic contribution of the coastal region, saying, “Aqua exports have increased seven times over the past 20 years. Three new fishing harbours, which will help the fishing industry, have had their cornerstones placed by me.”

PM Modi was quoted by IANS as saying, “Because of the deteriorated state of the education sector in Gujarat 20 years ago, 20 out of 100 children would never go to school,” and, “Those students who did manage to get to school would drop out after 8th standard, but in the last 20 years, the education sector has witnessed growth and development… more than 1.25 lakh new classrooms were built in Gujarat, and more than 2 lakh more classrooms were built nationwide.”

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