Pratapgarh’s National Educational Conference – Khan sir of Patna will be special guest today

On Saturday, the day 2nd of the National Educational conference which is being held in Pratapgarh, the stage will be shared by mathematicians and scientists. Students will ask them questions to satisfy their curiosity. Today, Khan Sir of Patna will be a special attraction along with other mathematicians and scientists.

This Mahakumbh was inaugurated by Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya on Friday. Today, on the second day, students will ask questions related to the mathematicians and scientists.

The stage will be shared by mathematicians, scientists on the second day of National Educational conference in Pratapgarh. Students will ask them questions to satisfy their curiosity. The session is set to start from 11:30 am. Khan sir of Patna will be a special attraction here. He can come by 4 o’clock in the evening. Although earlier he was to give lecture from 11 am, but due to bad weather in Patna, he is not able to catch up the flight. Children are eager to meet him.

On the stage of Shikshak Mahakumbh, Prof. Dr. Kunwar Rajeev (Mind Memory Coach, Limca Book of Records, Dr. Sarika Mahesh Bhatt (Miss India World 2018 Runnerup), Vivek Gupta, Dr. Sibte Abbas, Arpit Saini, Vice Artist, Dr. Harish Rawat Mind Memory Coach, Dr. Many scholars including Mridul Shukla Environmentalist, Nitin Gupta Founder Study 91, Balveer Singh Civil Engineering Expert will give lectures.

They will also gabout future grooming and subject wise employment oriented courses.  ISRO’s exhibition will also be held in the session.

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