Rishi Sunak Becomes First Indian-Origin British Prime Minister

On Monday, Rishi Sunak was chosen as the Conservative Party’s leader, and he will soon take office as Britain’s next prime minister.
The strongest candidate to become prime minister this time is Rishi Sunak, an Indian-born candidate who lost to Liz Truss in the September election.

Now that former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has dropped out of the running, Sunak’s claim to be the next prime minister has been verified.

In order to succeed Liz Truss as British Prime Minister and “repair the economy,” the former UK chancellor on Sunday officially announced his candidacy for the Conservative Party leadership race. Sunak’s prospects of winning on Diwali appear to be improving after his old employer Johnson backed down and said that now was “just not the proper moment” for him to make a comeback.
Many people are hailing Sunak’s official entry into the contest as one of the most stunning political comebacks in British politics. When announcing his candidacy, the 42-year-old former chancellor stated that he intended to “repair the economy, unite the party, and deliver for the country.” According to news agency PTI, Sunak held a strong lead with a required 100 MPs to be shortlisted for the deadline of Monday at 14:00 local time.

After losing to departing Prime Minister Liz Truss just one month prior, Sunak’s victory turned out to be a dramatic turnabout in his political fortunes. His standing among party members did not enable him to gain the support of a larger Tory membership.
In his most recent campaign speech, Sunak made reference to the economic chaos he would inherit if he were to succeed Truss following a disastrous tax-cutting mini-budget last month. “I am asking you for the opportunity to help fix our problems,” he said.

He declared, “The United Kingdom is a great country, but we face a profound economic crisis, which is why I am standing to be leader of the Conservative Party and your next prime minister,” promising “integrity, professionalism, and accountability” at every level of the government he would lead and to “work day in and day out” to complete the task.
Usha, a pharmacist, and Yashvir, a general practitioner of Indian descent, are the parents of Sunak. During the last campaign, he made frequent mention of his immigrant background and how he planned to make history by becoming the first Chancellor of the Exchequer of Indian descent by burning Diwali diyas at 11 Downing Street.

After only 45 days in office, Liz resigned as prime minister of the UK due to economic unrest and the resignations of two important ministers.

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