“TEDxMithibaiCollege 2023: Igniting Inspiration and Sharing Insights”

TEDxMithibaiCollege 2023


The 2023 edition of TEDxMithibaiCollege, organized on 13th February at Mukesh Patel Auditorium took to the stage with a grand lamp lightning and chanting of Saraswati Vandana followed by an opening address by our esteemed principal Dr. Krutika Desai. Our Teacher in Charge Hari Kurup sir also re-ignited an inspirational spirit on the stage and provided the audience with some words of wisdom and some insightful ideas.

The event began with Co-organizers addressing the audience and further taking them on their journey of 3 months. They also shared their vision for TEDxMithibai this year and further reinstated and acquainted the audience with the core values and ideologies of TEDx. The 2023 edition of TEDxMithibai witnessed a wide variety of speakers catering to a range of diverse fields and televising their expertise on the stage.

The event commenced with Mr Kobbi Shoshani, the Consul General of Israel to Mid-west India speaking about the Domino Effect and the current state of Israel in fields like agriculture, food industry, etc.

Mr. Kris Gethin, the famous fitness trainer and Co-founder of Gethin Gyms, addressed the audience about the ill effects of not prioritizing health while emphasizing on the growing obesity in the world.


Mr. Renil Abraham, a fabulous Digital Creator and Senior Producer at Times Network, spoke about his journey of coming out of the closet, highlighting the challenges and the hurdles which crept his way through a variety of sources like media.


Mr. Satyarth Priyardashi, the Chief E-commerce Officer at Redington Enlighted the audience with his extensive knowledge in the field of Artificial intelligence and also questioned the very existence of various jobs in the future, through his speech – The Digital Conundrum: What can and cannot be replaced by AI.


Mr. Shantanu Naidu, General Manager at the office of Ratan Tata, a youngster with wings of knowlege and skill, addressed the audience about his views on Empathy, Ecstasy and Enterprise.



Mr. Aaquib Wani, a leading Experiential Designer, featured on Forbes, graced the audience with his creative views and tips on experimenting and exploring through Art.


Mr. Akshat Gupta, one of the bestselling authors in India, gifted the audience with the knowledge of the divine feminine through his speech on Divas before Devas.

The last speaker of the day, Mr. Vedant Lamba, the young mind behind the boom in sneaker culture in India, talked about building a business with ADHD, pressing on the notion of ‘Limitation to Liberation’.


The entire event was hosted by EMCEE Sonup who kept the audience engaged throughout.

A vote of appreciation and remarks from various people who toiled behind the scenes to turn a dream into reality marked the event’s conclusion.

Overall, the events theme- ‘Panoramic Perspective’ was done justice by the speakers. The audience was provided with a holistic view of all the fields, a dynamic perspective and an exhilarating insight on the specifics of almost every topic. The event concluded by gifting 100 attendees not only with ear-to-ear smiles but also a stimulated mind.

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