The Impact of AI in India: Revolutionizing Industries and Bridging Divides

Chat GPT

Chat GPT: Artificial Intelligence

Aadi Sharma
Mehul Garg 

Artificial intelligence burst into India consciousness this winter when a startup halfway across the globe launched ChatGPT few months ago created by San Francisco based open AI, Chat Generative Pre Trained Transformer is to put in simple words a free to use computer program that can write human sounding answer to almost anything you ask it. ChatGPT has taken the world by storm in the past few months. Colleges banned students from using ChatGPT, worried that they may make it write their assignments. Students are happy in the results it generated. Fears also around on it killing jobs in many sectors, bigger worries about privacy & Orwellian scenarios in a world run by machines and data have resurfaced with gusto. Because of ChatGPT capabilities already existing chatbots like Alexa and Siri now sound Neandertha. Success of ChatGPT open a new frontier in technology.

Of course it is not like AI was not being used earlier. From video recommendations on the internet shopping sites and filters used on mobile phone pictures, elements of AI have long been in play. AI no longer remains confined within the walls its spreading its wing and making its impact feel across industries . As AI continues to evolve we can expect it to become increasingly central to India’s economic growth , revolutionizing everything from manufacturing to innovation and workforce productivity. As India is a country with a diverse geographic, linguistic variations socio economic differences, this provide a significant opportunity for AI to bridge the total digital divide and create an inclusive society.

India is only behind US & China in term of AI research and it is No.8 in AI advancements. A report by Accenture predict that use of AI could raise India’s growth by 15% by 2035. “Make AI in India and make AI work for India ” said finance minister Nirmala SItaraman in budget speech. The world Economic Forum predicted that AI could sort India’s acute shortage of doctor which is 64 doctors for 1 lakh people compared to the world average of 150. India is poised to benefit significantly from AI.

ChatGPT and other AI tools can be used to increase personal productivity but it can also be used for malicious purposes such as fraud, data theft and identity theft. It is still relatively new and lacks regulations in many areas leaving it susceptible to misuse. Ai in general are already at an advanced stage when tit comes to public surveillance using gait and facial recognition AI enables terrorism and lack of explainability could be a real fear in near future. As we work towards creating a green economy AI will also play a vital role in helping countries mitigate environmental risk through move transparent, traceable & decarbonised supply chains.

From perspective of AI or social impact, healthcare is an immediate beneficiary.  AI CVD, for instance, is an intelligent platform to predict heart attacks. Similarly developing of AI based algorithms for diabetes, cancer and other non communicable disease with its adoption medical experts are now being able to deliver a customised and move precise healthcare service to patients. It is transforming the face of healthcare making it more patient centric and reducing burden on healthcare professionals. The proliferation of AI in the medical sector depends on  how well its appetite for data is satiated though that could being its own set of problems .

In the digital world, companies that can use AI to unlock real time value from their data will have a significant competitive advantage. If AI work out properly a lot of things that we had thought were unlikely to happen will very much become real in the near future.

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