The U.P. government will establish an uniform commission for hiring teachers.

At a meeting on April 4, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath provided the necessary instructions for establishing the Uttar Pradesh Education Service Selection Commission.

Teachers will be chosen by a self-governing committee that will soon be established for the state’s elementary, secondary, higher education, and technical colleges. Moreover, the UP Teachers Eligibility Exam (UPTET) will be administered by the new commission. These teachers are nowadays chosen by independent agencies, boards, and commissions.

On Tuesday, chief minister Yogi Adityanath reviewed the hiring procedures for teachers in the state’s various educational institutions and provided the necessary instructions for the creation of the “Uttar Pradesh Siksha Seva Chayan Ayog” (Uttar Pradesh Education Service Selection Commission), an integrated commission for candidate selection.

“This new commission should also oversee the administration of the Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test (UPTET). The promptness of the UPTET should be ensured. The new commission will be the sole one used to hire teachers for minority educational institutions and non-government sponsored madrasas, the CM announced.

A corporate and integrated body of teacher selection commissions would be established as the Uttar Pradesh Education Service Selection Commission. This integrated commission will help to ensure a selection process that is time-bound, better utilisation of human resources, and financial discipline, Yogi continued.

“The new commission will take the shape of an independent business entity. The commission will create guidelines for the direct hiring of teachers. “Recommendations should be submitted to the appointing authority for the appointment of applicants in regard to the recruitment of teachers after the process of selection through selection exam, interview, etc.,” he stated.

Develop and present the required proposal, laying out the parameters for the new commission’s character, the qualifications of its members, and its powers and functions, the CM stated.

The chairperson of the new integrated commission should be someone with extensive experience in the Indian Administrative Service or as a vice chancellor of a university. Likewise, its members ought to be seasoned educators and senior judges. He argued that the committee should also include members from other underprivileged classes, scheduled castes and tribes, women, and minorities.

The council’s junior basic schools, non-government-aided junior high schools, affiliated primary schools, non-government-aided minority junior high schools, affiliated minority primary schools, government high schools and intermediate colleges, non-government-aided high schools and intermediate colleges, government and aided Sanskrit schools, and non-government aided minority high schools and intermediate colleges should all hire various categories of teachers.

According to him, the proposed integrated commission should conduct the selection process in government engineering colleges, aided polytechnic colleges, non-government aided madrasas, Sanskrit colleges, and minority colleges.

According to the CM, it would be appropriate to create a unified panel for teacher selection in order to undertake meaningful reforms taking future requirements into account. “The benefit will be that this unified commission will only engage in teacher selection for all wings and will address the inadequacies that the previous selection process had encountered in the past,” said Vijay Kiran Anand, director general of school education for the state of Uttar Pradesh. There will be a lot more transparency, and information technology will be extensively used.



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