These 5 Bubble Teas Are Made With Navratri Staple Sabudana

Sabudana or tapioca pearls must be used liberally in any vrat meal in India. Sabudana khicdi, pulao, puri, or vada are just a few examples.

These tiny white balls, which have a chewy and soft flavour, offer a quick source of energy that is essential during Navratri’s fast. Sabudana is devoid of gluten and allergens. As a result, anyone can drink it. There are no allergic responses as a result. It facilitates digestion prevention and relieves gas, bloating, and constipation. It is a completely starchy dish that is high in carbohydrates and works as a quick energy boost and light snack. You can make up for nutrient deficiencies in your meals by adding spices, vegetables, or dried fruits. Following a day of fasting, consuming sabudana in any form—soups, khichdi, kheer, or smoothies—enables easy digestion. Why not prepare cold bubble tea with tapioca pearls for Navratri when it has so many health advantages?

Before you start, remember a few points:

Sabudana pearls with a yellowish cast are regarded as pure

Since sabudana is a starch, mixing it with water might be challenging. It’s crucial to soak the sabudana with the proper amount of water if you want them to be perfect and fluffy.

Be careful not to soak the mass too much, as this may cause them to become squishy and paste-like.

Milk goes excellent with sabudana because it absorbs the pearly grains and vice versa

Note: For all the bubble tea recipes, clean and wash the sabudana four to five times thoroughly. Cook them in boiling water for 3-5 minutes after washing them. Transfer them to a colander and immerse them in iced water immediately. It won’t make them sticky or turn them into a mass. Make a jaggery syrup and let it caramelised a bit. Switch off the flame and add the cooked tapioca pearls and stir well to get them coated. For better colour, leave them for overnight in refrigerator.

Tango with mango

Pour 12 cup mango, 12 cup coconut milk, 12 cup iced green tea, and as much organic honey to your palate into a blender, and process until a creamy paste forms. In a tall glass, make the bottom layer by combining 2 tablespoons of cooked tapioca with the milk mixture. Make sure it’s sweet. Include extra honey if necessary. Serve it chilled with ice and top it with a strawberry or mango slice for decoration.

Strawberry bubble tea

3/4 cup fresh strawberries, 1/1.2 cups milk of choice, 1/1.2 tablespoons peanut butter, 12 tsp vanilla essence, sugar syrup or honey to taste, and 1/3 cup tapioca pearls are the ingredients you’ll need to make this (cooked). Fresh strawberries, unsalted peanut butter, milk, vanilla, and honey should all be combined and blended into a paste in a blender.  In a glass, place 2 teaspoons of cooked tapioca pearls, pour in the strawberry milk and add some ice cubes. Give it a stir and enjoy.

Coffee cues

In a blender, pour ¾ cup of coffee concentrate, 1 tablespoon of maple syrup, 1 cup of pecan or almond milk, and ⅛ tsp cinnamon powder and churn until it becomes a smooth paste. In a mason jar, add ⅓ cup of cooked sabudana and add the blended coffee milk. Add some crushed ice and serve chilled.

Saboodana goes banana

Make a smooth paste by blending one fresh or frozen Robusta ripe banana, 1 cup of coconut milk, 1 ½ tablespoon coconut cream and honey. Take a serving glass and make a bottom layer with ⅓ cup of cooked tapioca pearls. Transfer the blended banana milk. Add some ice cubes, stir the tea, and enjoy every sip.

Tapioca with matcha

In a blender, transfer ½ avocado (chopped into small pieces), 1½ cups of soy milk or regular milk, 1 tablespoon of matcha powder, and 1 tablespoon of organic honey. Blend all the ingredients till they turn into a smooth paste. In a mason jar, place the 1/3 cup of cooked tapioca pearls, blend in the milk mix and crushed ice. Give it a thorough stir and sip.

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