Two S Holding will contribute $2.5 billion to the global healthcare platform Nano Cures.

Nano Cures.

The global healthcare technology business Nano Cures International Ltd., located in Abu Dhabi, has received a $2.5 billion equity investment commitment from Two S Holding, a member of the sovereign and royal wealth network of the UAE ruling family.

A technology-based, patient-centered healthcare platform created by Nano will revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered, how new treatments and devices are created, how early disease detection and treatment are carried out, and how people are empowered by having access to their health information.

Sheikha Salama bint Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s family office is called Two S Holding Sole Proprietorship LLC, and she serves as the board chair. Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a former deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, is the father of Sheikha Salama. Her ancestry may be traced back to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who is revered as the UAE’s founding father. She is President His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s first niece.

The decision to support Nano with this strategic investment was made after careful deliberation, knowing more about the long-term future growth strategy of Nano, and having the utmost respect for the senior management team, according to Sheikha Salama. “This investment demonstrates our dedication to the Ministry of Health’s aim to provide innovative, comprehensive, proactive, and digitally-based health services to all facets of the community. These goals are expected to be met by Nano’s cutting-edge technologies and data-driven platform, which will ultimately give our citizens and people around the world more productive, healthier, and longer lives.”

Healthcare as a whole has let us down by not keeping up with all the innovation that is happening around it, despite great advancements in specific medical subspecialties. A whole new platform that utilizes the most recent advancements in big data, connectivity, artificial intelligence, genomics, and healthcare is urgently needed in order to keep up with today’s always-on society. DeJoria and other significant investors are dedicated to the success of Nano because of this promise.

The top semiconductor design company in the world, Nano, and Nano previously announced their partnership on a new chip technology for portable devices that detect airborne, surface-borne, and blood-borne pathogens by analyzing biometric, chemical, and genomic signatures using artificial intelligence.

With Mubadala’s historic involvement in the Softbank Vision Fund, the Al Nahyan family is also a shareholder in Arm Holdings. Later this year, Arm intends to launch an initial public offering in the US.

“Our mission is entirely in line with the UAE’s healthcare objectives. We’re excited to close this investment with Two S Holding and hasten the regional and global adoption of the Nano Cures platform “said Nano’s CEO and chairman Steven G. Papermaster. While Arm gets ready for an IPO later this year, “this funding infusion also makes Nano an important part of Arm’s expansion plans.”

The UAE-based Opulence Capital Management (OCM), which has long overseen multiple large-scale projects in the Middle East, is facilitating the capital commitment for Two S’s. OCM has also supported Nano’s early growth and development in the area.

“This great chance to rebuild the very foundation of healthcare was evident to us from the beginning,” said Alexander Vanderhey, chairman of OCM. We rejoice over the continuous acceptance and spread of the Nano Cures platform in the area as a result of this transaction. OCM has continued in the great traditions of network partners who have carried out the mandate to transform the UAE and make the Middle East a worldwide technology leader, such Two S Holding, Mubadala, ADIA, ADQ and others.

After the inauguration of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan as president of the UAE, we look forward to achieving the country’s objectives by making investments in complementary technologies that will benefit both the UAE and the world’s healthcare.

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