UP Education: CM Yogi’s government will spend Rs 750 cr on education in the next three months in Uttar Pradesh.

UP Education: CM Yogi's government will spend Rs 750 billion on education in the next three months in Uttar Pradesh.

India’s Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), 5 April (ANI): The Yogi Adityanath-led administration in Uttar Pradesh would spend more than Rs 750 crore on elementary, secondary, and higher education over the next three months in an effort to make education available to everyone, the state government announced on Wednesday.

In this regard, the government has also created an action plan.

“These funds will be used by each of these three departments for both new and ongoing projects. Many of these projects are funded by the Center, and money will be used for them after the state government has given its approval and the Central Government releases the budget installment, according to the government.

According to the information we have, the Basic Education Department has created a budget action plan for spending Rs. 121 crore on various programmes, while the Higher Education Department has presented a budget action plan for spending more than Rs. 20 crore. On the other hand, based on the budget, the Secondary Education Department predicted spending more than 600 crores.

It is noteworthy that CM Yogi has prioritised defining goals and fulfilling them within a specific timeframe throughout his second tenure. At the start of the new fiscal year, all departments have been given fresh instructions to put together a three-month action plan.

All of the departments have provided an action plan for the expenditure, keeping in mind the different new projects in the upcoming three months, in accordance with CM Yogi’s purpose.

“With the budgetary expenditure of more than Rs 121 crore, the Basic Education Department has submitted a plan of action. According to information received, the Basic Education Department will receive a budget of Rs 510 crore from the Central and State Governments as part of the PM Shri Yojana, the notification added.

The department has created an action plan for this, budgeting Rs 76.10 crore for the first three months. The National Education Policy 2022 under PM SHRI has a plan to upgrade roughly 14,500 government schools across the nation. The schools will also be converted into “green schools,” complete with solar panels and a productive waste disposal system,” it continued.

The department would also receive Rs 300 crore for the construction of digital infrastructure and libraries for kids and teenagers. Additionally, the department intends to invest Rs 45 crore in this programme. The plan calls for the establishment of a national library and the encouragement of the states to develop the required infrastructure so that children can access it at the ward and panchayat levels.

The PM School for Rising India (PM SHRI) programme will allocate Rs 390 crores to the Secondary Education Department. The Ministry of School Education and Literacy’s authorised action plan and budget will be used to spend the funds for this centrally supported programme.

In addition, the department has been given a budget of Rs 5 crore to cover the tuition fees for the second daughter of a parent who attends self-financed institutions. When the government approved the funding, the department will allot Rs 1.39 crore for April based on the data supplied by the districts.

The department has stated that the first installment of the centre is likely to be received in June 2023, after which the physical and financial targets of the scheme will be achieved with the government’s approval. There is a budget provision of Rs 237 crores for Children and Adolescents Libraries and Digital Infrastructure.

The Higher Education Department has also provided an action plan for budget expenditure for the upcoming three months, in addition to Basic and Secondary. A budget of Rs 2.10 crores is allotted under this for the creation of “skill hubs.” The department will establish plans for the acquisition of necessary tools and fundamental infrastructure.

With the skill hub, the government will offer short-term certification courses for skill training after school and on weekly holidays, as well as give vocational education to pupils who have dropped out of school. On the other side, Rs 2 crore would be used to promote higher education effectively.

The Chief Minister’s Apprenticeship Promotion Plan will cost a total of Rs 10 crore, the digital ward library will cost Rs 5 crore, and the Skill Hub, which offers career-focused education, will cost Rs 1 crore. Over the next three months, the Higher Education Department would spend a total of Rs 20.1 crore. (ANI)

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