‘Zero understanding’ : Rahul Gandhi sharpens attack on Modi govt

Rahul Gandhi, the party’s leader, criticized Nirmala Sitharaman, the finance minister, for her management of the Indian economy as Congress increased its pressure on the government over inflation and the GST. Gandhi stated during a press conference at the headquarters of the All India Congress Committee in Delhi that the finance minister has “absolutely no grasp” of the current economic condition in the nation.

“The macroeconomic factors she is referring to, in my opinion, are something different. The finance minister, in my opinion, has absolutely no comprehension of the state of the Indian economy. She serves as a spokesperson there “said he.

Wayanad’s Lok Sabha representative stated that the government feels threatened by the problems of rising prices, unemployment, broken promises, and the power of the populace.

“Why are they afraid? they lie because they do”. Gandhi referred to the government’s denial of unemployment, price increases, and alleged Chinese incursion by saying, “They lie 24 hours a day”.

The Congress leader claimed that the government’s only goal is to safeguard the interests of four to five people, not to address the concerns of the general public.

Gandhi responded, “Ask all the questions you want. I received summonses from the Enforcement Directorate in connection with the National Herald case. Everyone is aware that there is nothing there. I will carry out my duty to oppose the RSS’s (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) ideology. As I continue to do it, I will come under more and more intense attack. Hurry up and attack me.

He emphasised that the Bharat Janata Party targets the Gandhi family because “there are crores of individuals like us” and that the party “fights for an ideology.”

“We have been fighting for democracy and racial and societal harmony for years. It wasn’t just me; it had been going on for a while.” He added.

Following the press conference, top BJP figure Ravi Shankar Prasad retaliated against Gandhi for offering “advice of democracy.” Do you remember anything?” Prasad asked in reference to the Emergency era under Indira Gandhi’s leadership. You provide us with democratic advice. Is democracy practised inside your party?

Rahul Gandhi is a “nakli” (false) Gandhi, according to Union minister Pralhad Joshi, because he is not a direct descendent of Mahatma Gandhi.

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