ISRO Young Scientist Programme 2024: How To Apply

ISRO Young Scientist Programme 2024: How To Apply

ISRO Young Scientist Programme 2024: How To Apply

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has unveiled its Young Scientist Programme (YUVIKA) 2024, aimed at inspiring 9th standard students to embark on careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The registration window for this transformative initiative will open on February 20 and continue until March 20, providing a unique opportunity for young minds to delve into the realms of space technology and science.


Young Scientist Programme 2024 Empowering Tomorrow’s Innovators 


The YUVIKA programme, a two-week residential initiative for school children, holds the objective of fostering an early interest in STEM disciplines. ISRO, with its ‘Catch them Young’ approach, envisions nurturing a new generation of scientists and engineers. By imparting fundamental knowledge in space technology and science, the programme aspires to ignite a passion for exploration and innovation among the participants.

ISRO Young Scientist Programme 2024: How To Apply

Aspiring participants can seamlessly register for the ISRO Young Scientist Programme by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Head to [](
  2. Register and Verify: Complete the registration process and verify your email ID through the sent verification link.
  3. Participate in SpaceQuiz: Engage in the SpaceQuiz section after logging in.
  4. Read Instructions: Thoroughly read all instructions before participating in the quiz.
  5. Provide Details: Fill in personal and academic details as required.
  6. Document Upload: Upload relevant documents on the portal.
  7. Confirmation Page: After successful submission, secure a printout of the confirmation page for future reference.

Eligibility Criteria: Nurturing Potential from Class 9

Students currently in the 9th grade as of January 1 are eligible to apply for the ISRO Young Scientist Programme. To ensure a smooth application process, candidates are advised to carefully review their form before the final submission, as changes post-submission are not permitted. For the most up-to-date information, applicants are encouraged to consult the official website regularly.

Selection Criteria for ISRO Young Scientist Programme

Unveiling Future Space Pioneers

ISRO has outlined a comprehensive selection process, considering various parameters to identify the most deserving participants. The criteria include:

  1. Marks in Class 8 Exam: Academic performance in the preceding year.
  2. Online Quiz Performance: Evaluation based on the SpaceQuiz.
  3. Science Fair Participation: Involvement in science fairs at school, district, state, or higher levels over the past three years.
  4. Olympiad or Equivalent Rank: Achievement in Olympiads or similar competitions.
  5. Sports Competition Wins: Recognition in sports competitions.
  6. Scout and Guides/NCC/NSS Membership: Participation in these organizations in the past three years.
  7. Rural School Enrollment: Studying in a village or rural school located in a Panchayat area.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders: The ISRO Vision

ISRO’s commitment to nurturing talent and passion for space science is evident in the YUVIKA programme. By identifying and supporting young minds, ISRO aims to contribute significantly to the development of a skilled workforce in the fields of STEM. This initiative not only aligns with national educational goals but also propels India’s standing as a global leader in space exploration and technology.

ISRO Young Scientist Programme 2024 stands as a beacon, guiding the next generation towards the boundless possibilities of science and technology. As registrations open on February 20, aspiring young scientists have the chance to embark on a journey that could shape the future of space exploration and innovation.

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